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Welcome to Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management Education for Adults with SCI
This program has been designed to help people with spinal cord injury prevent and manage pressure ulcers in daily life. The content is organized in three sections, Learning, Living and Looking. The Learning section includes important pressure ulcer topics along with stories that focus on real situations and problems faced by people with SCI. The Living section is an interactive case, Martha's story, that distills the challenges people face when they get a pressure ulcer. The Looking section contains a knowledge base of pressure ulcer prevention and management terms and images for instant access to the information users need.

Technical Information
To use this program you need internet access and Adobe Flash player installed on your computer. Click here for a free Flash player download from the Adobe website. For best results, use Microsoft Internet Explorer V6. Set internet options to allow popup windows.
This program is narrated for your convenience. To use the narration your computer must have speakers. Program text is provided for each page. If you'd like to view a narrated introduction with navigation help, click here.
Start the program by clicking one of the links on the upper right of this page. A new browser window will launch and the program will play. Use the Exit button found in the upper right corner of each section to leave that section and return to this webpage (you may also leave a section by closing the browser window). The sections need not be viewed in a particular order. Users can explore the topics on an as-needed basis. Once you start, you may stop the program at any point and return to the same spot later. When the program is next started, a Resume Program popup window will ask if you'd like to start the program where you left off in the previous session. If you answer NO, you will start at the beginning of the program.

Pressure Ulcer E-Learning Program
Important pressure ulcer topics and stories about people living with SCI.
Face the challenges of life with a pressure ulcer in Martha's story.
A knowledge base of pressure ulcer prevention and management terms and images.
Program Information
Program Sponsor
This program was supported by Grant #528 from the PVA Education Foundation and developed at the University of Virginia School of Medicine in collaboration with healthcare professionals from the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center.  For a full list of program credits click here.

Contact Information
Jane Schubart, PhD

Jacalyn A. Brace MSN RN, BC CWOCN APRN, BC
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

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